Ryujin 1095 DH Blade Hand Forged Samurai Katana Sword with Fugaku Dragon Tsuba

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Overall Length: 40.75"

Nagasa Length: 27" (28.5" including habaki)

Tsuka Length: 11.5" (Including pommel)

Point of Balance: 5 " (Approximate)

Sori: 0.5"

Weight W/O Saya: 2lbs 8oz

Tsuba Material: 1045 Carbon Steel

Blade: Sharp

Blade Material: 1095 Differentially Hardened Steel

Ito: Black Cotton

Sageo: Black Chemical Fiber

Fittings: Brass

Mekugi: Double Pinned Bamboo

Accessory: Ryujin Cotton Sword Bag and Certificate.

Condition: Brand New

Ryujin 1095 DH Blade Hand Forged Samurai Katana Sword with Fugaku Dragon Tsuba


The 1095 Ryujin Dragon Hand Forged Samurai Katana Sword is a sword meant for tameshigiri. Utilizing 1095 differentially hardened steel to have an edge hardness of about 58-60 HRC, this sword will cut light to medium targets with ease. The tsuka is made of wood and has genuine samegawa ray skin with iron fuchi and kashira as well as brass ken menuki and black cotton ito. The tsuka is double pegged with smoked bamboo mekugi pins.

Detailed Specs of the 1095 Ryujin Dragon Hand Forged Samurai Katana Sword:

Blade: The blade has been constructed of differentially hardened 1095 steel and has an authentic gunome midare hamon with a komaru boshi. Th blade has no bohi, with a sharp termination in the ko-shinogi at the tip of the sword.

Saya: The saya is made of wood with a black lacquered finish. The sageo is made of cottona and tied over brass shitodome.

Koshirae: The habaki is made of brass as are the seppa. The tsuba is an elaborate dragon motif with the front facing the handle and the rear facing the blade. The fuchi and kashira are made of brass and are made in the classic wave theme. The tsuka has genuine white samegawa ray skin with black chemical fiber ito, brass menuki, and double pegged with smoked bamboo.

Note: Stand sold separately.