Ready To Run Remote Control RMS Britannic Limited 40 inch

by Handcrafted Nautical Decor
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Ready To Run Remote Control RMS Britannic Limited 40 inch


Ready for Immediate Display - Not a Model Ship kit

Exquisite craftsmanship and demanding attention to every detail have produced a Limited Edition model of elegance and grandeur worthy of the RMS Britannic herself. Historically accurate and precision crafted in every detail, the opulence and grace of these museum-quality RMS Britannic replicas evoke the majesty of this famous ocean liner and the crown jewel of her age.

40" Long x 4.5" Wide x 14" High (1:265 scale)

  • Entirely redesigned from our original 40” RMS Britannic replicas
  • Museum Quality features not available in other models or any kit
    • Paint colors precisely matched to those of the RMS Britannic
    • All windows and portholes exactly sized and positioned according to the original Britannic construction plans
    • Historical design and detailing of superstructure and hull
    • Open promenade decks visible through superstructure windows
    • Precise superstructure design and detailing
    • Triple propeller design and accurate anchors
    • Metal trussed crane booms with twin cables and pulleys on cargo hooks
    • Lattice grating on ducts and vents
    • Finely-crafted wire maintenance ladders ascend smokestacks
  • Built from scratch by master artisans
  • High quality woods include cherry, birch, maple, and rosewood
  • Amazing Details, including:
    • Lifeboats hung from launching davits
    • Rigging and stay-lines on all masts and smokestacks
    • Delicate four-wire metal railings on forecastle, aftcastle and atop superstructure
    • All ladders, staircases and handrails produced from delicate metal wire
    • Clear panes in all deckhouse windows
    • Numerous deck objects and features include deck cleats, vent shafts, lattice grates, miniature benches and more
    • Interior lighted cabins and windows (optional)
  • Limited production of these RMS Britannic model ships
  • Certificate of Authenticity individually numbered and signed by HMS Founder and Master Builder Richard Norris

System Specifications:

Remote Control:Channels: 3ChannelsRF range : 2.4-2.48GHzBandwidth: 500HzLow voltage warning: Yes (Less than 9v)Charger port: YesPower :12V DC (1.5AA*8)ANT Length : 26mmCertificate: CE; FCCDC Motor - RS380-sh-12300:Rated Voltage of 7.2v underNo-Load Current ; No-Load Speed;   Load Current ; Load Speed0.07A 8000 r/min 0.26A 6800 r/minServo: FS-S009;Speed: 0.11SEC/60Power: 4.8-6VDCCable length: 150mmCertificate: CE