CSS Virginia Limited Model Ship 34 inch

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CSS Virginia Limited Model Ship 34 inch

Cutty Sark scale model ship. Handcrafted by our master ship craftsman. Made with careful detail, our display ships are historically accurate and fully assembled.

SS Virginia was the first steam-powered ironclad warship built by the Confederate States Navy during the first year of the American Civil War; she was constructed as a casemate ironclad using the raised and cut down original lower hull and engines of the scuttled steam frigate USS Merrimack. Virginia was one of the participants in the Battle of Hampton Roads, opposing the Union's USS Monitor in March 1862. The battle is chiefly significant in naval history as the first battle between ironclads.

Proudly made in the U.S.A .

34" Long x 7" Wide x 9" High (1:96 scale)

  • Built from scratch by master artisans

  • Accurate scale model Civil War replica of the actual CSS Virginia

  • Museum Quality features include:

    • Individual hull plates carved into design

    • Deck planking clearly visible

    • Real lattice grating along upper deck

    • Highly-detailed lifeboats

    • Railing along entire upper deck

    • Metal anchors at bow

    • High quality woods used in construction

    • Brass cannons

    • Cleats, vent grates and other features on deck

    • Rotating propeller and moving rudder

    • Accurately hand-painted

  • Cloth flags included

  • Limited production run only 100 of these Civil War replicas

  • Certificate of Authenticity individually numbered and signed by HMS Founder and Master Builder Richard Norris

  • Wooden display base separates from CSS Virginia model warships

  • Metal nameplate included for display

NOTE: Simple assembly is required once you receive your model of the CSS Virginia. First take the smoke stack and twist it in to the predrilled hole on the top center of the model. Next, take both lifeboats and set them on davits which hold them in place on each side. The metal chains can then be attached at the top of the smokestack. Once this is done you can insert the anchors into the predrilled holes toward the bow of the ship. Finally, take both flags and insert them into the two predrilled holes on either side of the smokestack.